The NaNoWriMo Progress Analyser

Welcome to the Nanolyser!

The Nanolyser generates stats for any NaNoWriMo participant based on their NaNoWriMo User Name.

What is your user name?

How many words do you want to write?

Note: The new NaNoWriMo Word Count API has been published but it still seems to bug out sometimes, be prepared for some amount of erratic behavior.
Happy NaNo-ing!

Known Issues:
* If you enter your user name correctly, but it tells you it is invalid, try refreshing the page once or twice. This seems to be a bug in the API where it sometimes erroneously reports that a user has no novel.
* It will always display stats as of the last day you submitted a word count to the NaNoWriMo website. This may be an unavoidable consequence of changes in the data the API provides. (It only gives wordcounts for dates you submitted them, and provides no way of telling what timezone you are in)